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-- NathanielLibatique -
  • Welcome to a new semester! Please find attached below the syllabus for this class.
  • ENG_PS_172_Syllabus.doc: Class Syllabus Eng Ps 172
  • I will be attending a conference this Thursday, so will be meeting you on Tuesday 22 June instead.
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="October_8_Post.pdf" attr="h" comment="Exam averages 1 through 3" date="1223430509" name="October_8_Post.pdf" path="October 8 Post.pdf" size="43726" stream="October 8 Post.pdf" user="Main.NathanielLibatique" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Final_Grades.mdi" attr="h" comment="" date="1224752491" name="Final_Grades.mdi" path="Final Grades.mdi" size="20410" stream="Final Grades.mdi" user="Main.NathanielLibatique" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ENG_PS_172_Syllabus.doc" attr="h" comment="Class Syllabus Eng Ps 172" date="1276565438" name="ENG_PS_172_Syllabus.doc" path="ENG PS 172 Syllabus.doc" size="29184" stream="IO::File=GLOB(0x8b4c9d0)" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp38884" user="NathanielLibatique" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="eng_ps_172_for_posting.pdf" attr="h" comment="Final Grades, Semester 1, SY 2010-11" date="1288169295" name="eng_ps_172_for_posting.pdf" path="eng ps 172 for posting.pdf" size="151649" stream="IO::File=GLOB(0x8b4d5c0)" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp39186" user="NathanielLibatique" version="1"
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