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ONLINE SYLLABUS AND DESCRIPTION: The course Science and Society (Science 10) offers a general audience a venue to explore scientific thought and culture and its role in approaching current major global issues such as climate change, public health, energy and the environment. At the same time the course puts mankind in its proper geologic (temporal) and galactic (spatial) "place" by reviewing current scientific thought and evidence for evolution and the origins of matter.
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  SEMESTER 1 - 2015:
 SEMESTER 2: November 2014 to March 2015 (Libatique):
  • Upload to Google Site Due Friday 2 pm. Submit A4 size hardcopies at ECCE Department by 4pm.
  • How to submit reaction papers and the Take Home Long Test reqiurement: I will ask our beadle Howi to set up a google site where you can upload your submissions. PDF format please. PLEASE do not submit Google Docs, it takes a long time to open such files. All files submitted via upload should follow the filename convention: "Surname, Firstname - Reflection" and "Surname, Firstname - Title of Article/Piece".
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