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Research Works

Quote from National Instrument: "There is a path to success. If you can demonstrate or better yet, prototype into the customer's hands and get real feedback on the value of your innovation, the probability of business success greatly increases. Recognize that ideas are cheap. Given the connected, internet-savvy world in which we live, ideas have become cheap and they will probably become cheaper with time. The expense lies in testing and verifying what has economic value. A great prototype is often the best way to start a dialogue with potential customers and test your idea's value."

2008 Research Awards


Research Awards

2012 Loyola School Research Awards Special Citation for the work:
Jovilyn Therese B. Fajardo and Carlos M. Oppus, "A Mobile Disaster Management System Using the Android Technology,"
WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on COMMUNICATIONS, Issue 6, Volume 9, 2010, pp. 343 to 353, ISSN: 1109-2742, June 2010.
  Finalist 2008 PCASTRD Search for Outstanding R&D in Advanced S&T for the entry Low-Cost FPGA-Based Telecommunications Trainer


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