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CE 180 Programming Language for Engineers

Course Description Programming Language for Engineers covers introduction to Field Programmabvle Gate Array (FPGA)/Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) and hardware description language (HDL).

Course Objectives

  • To have a hands-on knowledge of FPGA/CPLD and VERILOG HDL and its applications.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to FPGA
  • Introduction to hardware programming languages (VERILOG)
  • Behavioral modeling using HDL
  • Sequential processing using HDL
  • HDL synthesis
  • HDL Case Studies and Applications
  • FPGA Applications
  • CE 40/Elc 111, Digital Design or equivalent
Lecture Text
  • Michael Ciletti, Modelling, Synthesis, and Rapid Prototyping with the Verilog HDL, Prentice Hall New Jersey 1999.
References *Course Requirements and Grading System *
  • Class Work 90% (2 long tests, quizzes, 5-7 programming assignments)
  • Class participation 10% (class conduct, recitation, board work, assignments and problem sets)

  • 92 and up A
  • 87 to 91+ B+
  • 81 to 86+ B
  • 76 to 80+ C+
  • 70 to 75+ C
  • 60 to 69+ D
  • 59+ and below F
Class Policies
  • Class attendance is always checked (by the beadle).
  • Students are allowed 6 cuts. Exceeding the allowable number of cuts automatically merits a grade of W for the course.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of an academic classroom.
Mailing List
  • A mailing list (or e-group) shall be established for the course. Various materials may be distributed thru the mailing list. While membership in the mailing list is not a requirement of the course, students who do not join the mailing list are responsible for material(s) distributed thru the mailing list.

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