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The first class assignment of the 2008-2009 was focusing on hot new technologies and their business potential. Readings were taken from the Economist Quarterly, MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum, Wall Street Journal, and other technology-business sources. The students present individually a brief but focused presentation - 3 charts for 3 minutes on the basic idea behind the technology, its implications with respect to new global business opportunities, and relevance to the Philippines. To view the presentations of the Innovation and Technology Class of First Semester 2008-2009, please go to look for admuinnovtech in

Fifty Best Invention of 2008


1) Speedo LZR Racer by Carlos Lacson

The Google Story


1) Start of the Google Story by Moses Tiu
2) The Google Story Ch4 and 5 by Rafael Moreno
3) Trickle and Hiring a Pilot by Enzo Losantas
5) Playboys A Legal Showdown by Andy Soriano
6) Google story (Chap 25 and 26) by Angeline Sansolis
7) Google Story 22 24 by Michelle Velasco

The Cult of iPod


Chapter 1 iPods for All-a by Christine Villafranca
Chapter 1 iPods for All-b by Mike Siapno
Chapter 2 Listening Habits by Karl Magne Pulma
Chapter 3 The Making Of The iPod by ER Hapal
Chapter 4 Spreading the Word iPod-a by JR Arenas
Chapter 4 Spreading the Word of iPod-b by Keno Velasquez
Chapter 5 iPod, uPod, Everybody iPod-b by Christine Boongaling
Chapter 6 Ipod Inspiring The Imagination by James Brojan
Chapter 7 Spend Spend SPend-a by Joan Peralta
Chapter 7 Spend Spend Spend-b by Rommel Regonas

Founders at Work


Adobe Systems by Jennifer Fabros
Hot Or Not By Faye Aninipot
Firefox by Richard Tiu
Flickr by Gerald Valentino
Paypal by Dave Rayel
Startups by Roy Bayot
Steve Wozniak by Gilbert Peren
WebTV by Jenna Pasco
Yahoo by Mac Abat

The Search


1) The Search Intro by Kinsley Chua
3) Zilch To Zillions by Lester Lofranco
4) Search, Privacy, Government, and Evil by Daryl Gaerlan
5) Google Today, Google Tomorrow by John Michael Rono
6) Perfect Search by Ronell Sicat

The World is Flat


World flattener 1 (11-9-89) by Keno Velasquez
World Flattener 2 When Netscape Went Live by Rommel Regonas
World Flattener 3 Work Flow Phase Working Together by Christine Villafanca
World Flatteners 4a (Opensourcing) by JR Arenas
World Flattener 4-b (Opensourcing) by ER Hapal
World Flatterner 5 (Outsourcing) by Mike Siapno
World Flattener 5-b (Outsourcing) by Jimson Ngeo
World Flattener 6 (Offshoring) by Joan Peralta
World Flattener 9 (In-forming) by James Brojan
Canon Outsourcing by Jimson Ngeo
HP-Outsourcing by Mike Siapno
Insourcing by Archie Dolit

The Economist Technology Quarterly


3D Modelling by Mike Siapno
An Innovation In The Gaming Industry by Richard Tiu
Autonomous Vehicles by Moses Tiu
Biometrics by Joan Frances Peralta
Biometrics by Ronell Sicat
BioScanner by Archie Dolit
Building A Babel Fish by Lester Lofranco
Call And Response by Kinsley Chua
Concrete Possibilities by Jenna Pasco
Google by Roy Bayot
Invisible Mending by Christine Villafranca
Invisible Mending by Jennifer Fabros
LED by Dennis Duran
Listening To The Internet by Gerald Valentino
Loc8tor by Keno Velasquez
Making Waves by Enzo Losantas
March Of Technology by Rommel Regonas
NOTES by Faye Aninipot
Organs To Order by Angeliine Sansolis
Power of Haptics by James Brojan
Powercast by Karl Pulma
Radio Silence by John Michael Rono
Seeing the Light by Rafael Moreno
Shape-Shifting Buiildings by Chris Favila
Sounds Good by Daryl Gaerlan
Speech by Mark Abat
Superbus by Andy Soriano
Taking Storage To The Next Dimension by JR Arenas
Taking Storage To The Next Dimension by Michelle Velasco
The March Of Technology by Dave Rayel
The Upgradable You by Christine Boongaling
TV Anywhere by Jimson Ngeo
Wind power by Gilbert Peren
Wi-pie In The Sky by Karen Tiambeng
Wirelessly Powered Lightbulb by ER Hapal
Working the Crowd by Roy Bayot

Second Semester

Microbial Menagerie by Raiza Ante
Adjust My Bra by Karen Tiambeng
Brainwaves by Mark Abat
Coffee Technology by Lewa Semblante
C-Quester by Daphne Domingo
Eye-Fi by Erqin Hapal
Facebook by Christian Rigor
From iPhones to gPhone by Archie Dolit
Google2003 Format by Oliver Rivera
Google Earth by Paula Godoy
Holographic Video by Dani Joy Famarin
Microbial Menagerie by Raiza Ante
Mobiletv by Louie Zamora
Nintendo Wii by John Lester Lim
Renewable Solar Hydrogen Production by Mike Siapno
The Air-Car Ching
The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades by Zent Lim
The Global Phone by Kinsley Chua
Wildcharge by Keno Velasquez

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