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  • Syllabus_of_MS_141_New.doc: Course Syllabus, Requirements, Grading System
  • The first exam is coming up soon, coverage will include: cohesive energies of bonds, free electron model and conduction, Hall Effect, confinement of electrons in low dimensional structures right up to bulk (3D) materials
  • Key references: De Podesta's Chapter 6 and portions of Chapter 2 (Sections 2.4 and 2.5), S. M. Sze Chapter 2 Sections 2.1 to 2.3 on Carrier Transport, Other handouts, Your Notes!
  • Kinetic_Molecular_Theory.pptx: Ideal Gas Theory
  • Bonds.pptx: The four types of bonds, electronegativity
  • Molecular_Solids.pptx: Van der Waals bonding, Lennard Jones Potential
  • Conduction_Part_1.ppt: Conductivity and Resistivity
  • Conduction_Part_2.pptx: Hall Effect
  • QM_and_Counting_States.pptx: Time Independent Schroedinger Equation, Particle in a Box Model
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