Graduate Research Seminar

The MS Electronics Engineering is a thesis track degree where the students focus on the Faculty driven research projects. The Graduate Research Seminar plays a key role in achieving several objectives. Using the reading list from the Innovation and Technology Class as a guide, the students survey various hot new technologies in an effort to find relevant technologies that become fertile ground for a thesis. The technologies reviewed vary from semiconductor lighting replacing incandescent lights, buildings that change their shape for green designs, the growth of algae for oil production, and the use of robots in Japan to provide medical care for the elderly. The Faculty and students of the Ateneo from various departments also present their research projects to the class. The class discusses the economic drivers that make the particular technology novel, the importance or size of the business opportunities, and the relevance to the Philippines. The class discusses different research strategies like: Can we modify their approach to major advantage? Can we apply this new technology in some other area? Can we apply this technology now to the electronics industry (where many of the students work)? The objective of the Research Seminar is to get the students involved in Thesis Research as early as possible. Ideally their projects will mesh well with their work projects. For those with strong undergraduate thesis projects, a more expanded project can be the basis of the Thesis work.

Research Seminar Presentations

The graduate students present brief but focused presentations on various topics throughout the class. For those with a project already, they can present recent results obtained in the laboratory or newly published results relevant to their work. It is always important that we bring the technical discussions back to the relevance to the Philippines’ effort to create a culture of innovation.

Research Seminar Class



Graduate Student Profiles

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