-- NathanielLibatique - 27 May 2009

This is clearly a growth area as rapid developments continue in the fields of renewable energy systems, new energy efficiency paradigms, the hydrogen economy, hybrid and electric vehicles and low power/smart power electronics. Innovations in solar-thermal, hybrid wind and solar, fuel cell, and bioreactor systems are driving renewed interest in non-fossil fuel energy sources. The development of many of these technologies stand to answer some unique needs in our society, such as providing power for off grid communities in need of clean water, drying and food processing, cooling and lighting. While our tropical urban areas and commercial facilities require less inefficient approaches to building and residential cooling. All of these systems to work efficiently will require wireless sensor and actuator networks, ideally using nodes that can harvest energy from their environment without drawing too much power from onboard batteries.

  • Smart solar for clean water
  • Hybrid solar and wind
  • Energy harvesting
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